Capacity to Currency

How to turn excess capacity into additional currency

What is Tradebank?

Tradebank leverages your unused products and services and converts them into actual revenue.

So your time and efforts that aren’t being utilized can suddenly become a source of spendable income for your company, without impacting your normal course of business on behalf of your cash customers. 

Here's how it works

Where to spend your Tradebank dollars

There are literally hundreds of Tradebank companies in your area, and thousands across the U.S.

How to spend your Tradebank dollars

Your Tradebank dollars are as good as cash at any participating company. It’s really that simple.

Ready to increase your revenue?

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And start getting a spendable return on your excess capacity today!

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"Tradebank has been such a wonderful partner for the Nonprofit Chamber in Wichita. For a small nonprofit organization to have the opportunity to not only barter with other companies for items but to receive donations is such a huge benefit for us. Also, Edward Fox and his team do a fantastic job of promoting our organization and helping create awareness of what we do. I highly recommend that you join Tradebank and reap the benefits from bartering too."

Cindy Miles, M.B.A.

Kansas Nonprofit Chamber

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