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I help my members consistently get more customers and referrals through our network of businesses.

I’m sure you’ve noticed how inflation has been hitting everyone recently. If you had the ability to trade for more of the things you need and save some of your cash, how do you feel that could affect your business?

One of my clients who owns a surveillance company has been with me for over 17 years.

He’s been able to get access to everything from vacations to advertising (even his chiropractor) without spending the cash that he would have had to spend.

You get what you want. Other members get what they want. Everyone gets what they need and everyone wins. My clients focus on referring to each other as well to help everyone in the network grow their sales.

Now….you have the capacity to get some of the things your business needs while saving cash and at the same time increase your word of mouth business.

We currently have over 4,000 members many of whom I’m sure could use your business.

What I do is give our members access to a captive audience, offer a broker who is working essentially as a business partner to help bring you more business, give you the ability to save cash flow with access to other members’ products or services, and a strategic plan to increase your word of mouth business...

I'm sure you would agree that could make a positive impact on your business, right?

Ed Fox

Tradebank, Regional Owner

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